Your Valentine Loves Burgers! What Now?

Burger as a gift for your beloved
Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to propose to your beloved. You will want to do this in a memorable fashion. If your significant other loves burgers, consider proposing at their favorite diner or restaurant. Your spouse-to-be is unlikely to suspect a proposal if your date is to go for a burger. In this way, you can create a true Valentine’s Day surprise, as you ask for their hand in marriage with a bun filled with a burger, cheese, and bacon, with onion rings and fries on the side. By showing that you love your better half even when barbeque sauce is dripping down their arm, will show how much you love them at their best.

What now?

Proposing marriage is scary, doing so in a public place like a restaurant raises the stress levels a lot higher since you may have several strangers as witnesses. When planning to pop the question in a restaurant, which by their nature can be chaotic and unpredictable, here are some things you need to know to help the proposal go smoothly.

Choose your location

You do not need to book the most expensive restaurant in town for the proposal to be meaningful unless they make the best burgers. You can choose a place that is special to you both, even if it means flying to that place. Just be sure that they will love the idea of being asked to marry you with a beef sandwich!

Do not propose at the beginning of the meal.

It is always a good idea to let the restaurant know when you make the booking, that you plan to propose. They will give you the best table and keep a close eye on you. Timing is everything, as you want to enjoy what you have ordered. This means timing your proposal after you have eaten. If you propose before you have eaten, it is likely you will be so overwhelmed by premarital bliss that you can’t eat a thing. If you can’t wait, take your burger to go, as you’ll be hungry later.

The proposal doesn’t have to be original

Proposals usually follow a format, but that does not make them less magical. The usual format is that the guy pops the question after eating some or all of the food – it all depends on how long he can hold his nerve – but there is a buzz in the air as he knows exactly what is about to happen, as do the waiting staff.

Prepare for joyful tears

When proposing in a restaurant, be prepared for happy tears, not just from your spouse-to-be, but from waiting staff and other customers too. A well-laundered handkerchief or some tissues should be part of your armor on the day.

Coordinate with the restaurant

Often, the staff at a restaurant will go above and beyond to make this a special event. Often, the restaurant will send out Champagne and dessert once the proposal has been accepted.

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