Top 7 Secrets to Super Juicy Tender Burgers + Burger Recipes


Whether it is summer or winter or any other season, burgers are a universal favourite; plus grilling juicy patties and chowing down big, fat burgers doesn’t need a season or any such excuse.

Why, you ask?

Because burgers are absolutely scrumptiously divine, specially if they are cooked just right with the perfect recipe.

That’s why here we have for you the best secret tips and tricks to the most juiciest, most tender burgers you have ever made!

Read on.

1. Grind Your Own Beef

beefThe key to making a mouthwatering burger lies in utilising only fresh and quality ingredients. And the secret to taking a good hamburger patty to finger-licking great is in using your own ground beef. This way you control all aspects of making a fabulous burger patty – the fat content, the blend of meat, the size of the grind etc.
Plus you get to brag to your friends and family that you grind your own beef!
Bonus Tips – When you buy your beef, do make sure you get at least 15-20% fat in it as that will greatly enhance the flavour of your burgers.
Also try to always buy beef that is organic, and from grass-fed, humanely-raised cows, as that not only keeps you ethical but also boosts your burger patty to another level of taste.


2. Melty Mozzarella Burger Recipe

mozzarellaAll chicken parmesan addicts will go crazy for this delicious, cheesy burger. The patty is made from a pound of ground beef or turkey or chicken, and mixed with pepper, thyme, salt, red chilli flakes and minced garlic. Once the parties are grilled to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F, top a mozzarella cheese slice on each patty and serve these moist, cheesy burgers topped with spicy marinara sauce on toasted buns.


3. The Secret to the Most Flavorful Burgers in the Planet

You always season your raw meat before you make the patties, but do you season the patties before you grill them?
Seasoning your burger patties inside and out lends them a beautiful flavour and makes them stand out from the once-only seasoned group of burgers.
Bonus Tips – For a European style burger, add some ketchup, onions, mustard and/or Worcestershire sauce.
For extra juicy burgers, add mayonnaise to the patty mix.

4. Shape the Burger Patty like a Pro

The trick in perfectly formed, uniform patties is in using a peanut butter jar lid or something similar. Just be cautious when pushing down the meat as too much force will make the burger dense.

5. Cheesiest Beef Burger Recipe

Once you you make this succulent, cheesy burger, you might not like anything else after it!
4 ounces of different cheeses of your preference – think pepper jack, smoked Gouda, cheddar etc. is mixed with 2 pounds of beef and seasoned with a variety of spices and condiments. Grilled to perfection, these moist burgers are served on a bed of lettuce leaves, topped with tomato slices and some more cheese.


6. This is How You Make an Extra Juicy Burger

No matter what you do – once you grill your burgers, they will expand in size and might turn dome-shaped. Since you don’t want to serve tiny mounds of burger patties, make a tiny indentation or a depression before grilling them.

This works in your favour in two ways – your burger patty stays perfectly in shape as the meat contracts due to the heat, and the juices which would typically run down the grill/pan will now get reabsorbed back into the burger. So, win-win!

7. Handle the Beef Gently

Despite its appearances, ground meat is NOT dead! Every sprinkle of pepper, every knead, every stir of a spoon affect its chemistry and the outcome of your burger. The more you manhandle your ground beef, the tighter, denser patties you will have. So once you grind the meat, be very gentle and coax the meat into patties very tenderly. Touch it as less as possible.

It is not hard to mess up a burger, but it is a tad tough to whip up awesome, luscious burgers that has everyone gobbling them up like crazy. With our secret tips and sneaky tricks, you can enjoy succulent yummy burgers with hardly any extra work at all.

Bon appetite!

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