A Different Wedding Anniversary

You and your spouse love each other. You want to be able to celebrate your wedding anniversary. And that is so wonderful. Yes, congratulations to all the couples who are celebrating their anniversaries.

anniversaryBut you do not want to spend a lot of money at a restaurant, because paying for everyone’s meal could cost almost as much as if you were paying for a big wedding. And that right now just seems to be out of your budget because of a house payment, a car payment, paying for the kids’ university education, paying bills, paying off credit cards and trying to save up some money for your next vacation, retirement and other things such as upcoming dental procedures. Also, you want to start saving some for an emergency fund, which you and your spouse have drained for an unexpected repair recently or something else. Also, the cost of daily living seems to be getting higher, so you see the need to cut expenses where possible.

Yet you do want to have a nice anniversary party without breaking your budget. So a nice alternative would be to serve burgers at an outdoor party in your backyard. It is cheaper. You will save a lot of money and you will be able to give your guests even more food than if you had them in the restaurant as you get more food for your money; whereas there are only limited portions in a restaurant.

You can really have a lot of great variations of burgers. You don’t just have to stick with the classic hamburger, though you will likely want to have plenty of those as many people love them. You can serve nutty veggie burgers, turkey burgers and even salmon burgers. It is a nice idea to serve them by setting up a burger bar where each person can top their burgers with the toppings of their choice. You can make your burgers tasty for guests by offering tomato slices, cucumbers, hummus, feta cheese, bacon, guacamole, chili, ranch dip and more. Yes, it is a good idea to have the basic condiments too such as ketchup, relish and mustard.


You can decorate your yard with some banners, ribbons and balloons. It is nice to have a nice cake. If you are fortunate, maybe someone will even make a cake for you. The party can be funny and less formal than if you were at a restaurant. It will be funny as people tell stories about you and your spouse at the microphone that you set up so all can hear. People can tell jokes. It will be a great time to laugh, relax and have fun. You and your spouse can still get dressed up for the occasion. Have friends take lots of pictures or even hire a professional photographer if you desire to do so. Be sure to get your spouse a lovely gift. Most of all, have a great time.

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